Adventure and Alaska go hand in hand. Where else can you hike an ice-age glacier, skim over the wilderness in a bush plane, watch a massive brown bear snag a salmon from a waterfall or explore millions of acres of pristine parklands?

And don’t forget the water sports: Alaska's many famous rivers, lakes and protected coastal waters offer adventures that range from whitewater raft-ing (mild to wild), kayaking through fields of icebergs and glacier-carved fjords or snorkeling the near-coast waters.

Alaska's raw, beautiful and unrelenting terrain teems with opportunities for backcountry experiences unlike anything else in the world—and there's a trip to suit every ability level. Not too comfortable with the great outdoors but still want a little adventure? Day excursions and guided tours allow you to discover the Alaska wilderness during the day and still sleep in a comfortable bed at night.

All that untouched, wild land makes Alaska the quintessential year-round destination for ecotourism: visitors seeking a more personal connection with nature, culture and wilderness. In doing so, the focus is on leaving little or no impact during your visit so that future Alaska visitors can enjoy the same beauty and quality of adventure experiences.