Travel in Alaska is unlike just about anywhere else: getting from point to point is a worthy endeavor of its own. Whether circling Denali in a bush plane or watching miles of untouched tundra roll by from the window of a train, you can't go wrong in selecting a mode of transportation. In fact, the best itineraries include a mix of travel modes.

When traveling by air in-state, the major airports of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau partner with private flight operators to provide service to small communities, villages and remote areas. Flightseeing is a popular tourist activity; private air carriers provide wilderness and glacier tours as well as service to private, fly-in fishing resorts.

Sea travel offers a spectacular way to travel through magnificent scenery, with the added bonus of seeing Alaska's treasured marine life. A variety of private cruises are available for day excursions or multi-day trips. Wildlife and glacier tours, historical ferryboats and smaller cruise ships are popular types of private cruises.

The locals' favorite for traveling by sea is the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS), an affordable, informal option to reach 25 ports of call in the state. The ferries accommodate cars, RVs, motorcycles, bikes and walk-on travelers, and offer multi-day mainline routes and shorter day boat trips from port-to-port.

For those who love road trips, road travel on Alaska's epic scenic byways is a one-of-a-kind opportunity; whether by car, RV or motorcycle, drivers will thrill over the Last Frontier’s open highway and must-see stops. For those looking for the road trip experience without the hassle, packaged motorcoach tours provide guided experiences for a variety of traveler styles and budgets.